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August 20, 2017

I’ve struggled with yo-yo weight loss my entire adult life. In the past, I was able to kick into gear and drop the weight. After my accident that all changed. The fear that I had about potentially injuring myself again, the chronic symptoms of TBI, PCS and mental impairments all prevented me from pushing myself. I feel like I was trapped in a body that wasn’t mine. I gained over 100 lbs. after June 25, 2013. I lost count of the medications that I had been prescribed. I was on a downward spiral.

I have always been a stress eater. Pizza, cookies, cake and ice cream were my drugs of choice. I could eat a box of M&M ice cream sandwiches in one sitting. It was a problem. After some time in therapy, my psychologist convinced me to take small steps. At first, I walked to the mailbox, then I walked around the block and before I knew it, I was walking 1/2 mile. I remember when I walked a 1 full mile, you would’ve thought I’d just run a marathon. This coming from someone who was very active before the accident is huge. Once I was able to return to the gym, I would lose a few pounds and quit. The first signs of anxiety or depression would defeat me. I’ve struggled with this for years.

In August 2017, I started working out with @foreverfit and met Ken and Jill the owners of the LoCal Kitchen. We traded stories about our fitness journey’s and what the end game would look like. They were much further along than me. but they always encouraged me in class. On the week of my birthday, I won a gift certificate for 1 week of free meals provided by The LoCal Kitchen. The dinners were amazing! The food was just as delicious on the last day as they were the first. With healthy eating and a proper workout support group, the weight started to finally drop off. Then, I started nursing school.

All the weight returned with a vengeance. My diet and exercise took a backseat, my weight grew to over 300lbs…again. During my annual physical, I noticed that my blood pressure and liver enzymes were elevated. My hemoglobin A1c was 6.4. (Nursing school was coming in handy. I was able to understand my own labs.) I began to panic. I’ve been going to this same doctor for years and his only suggestions for me was to consider gastric bypass surgery. He never once told me that I was a pre-diabetic.

I come from a family history with a lot of comorbidities. Half of me believed that this was the natural progression of my lineage. The other half was angry because I didn’t know that I could change the trajectory of my health. Thank God I became a nurse. I found a new doctor that was upfront and honest with me. He placed me on Metformin, (an oral tab to help lower your blood glucose) and told me that with diet and exercise, we could manage the blood pressure and liver enzymes.

In May 2019, I graduated nursing school and became a Registered Nurse. I started a job at a very busy ER immediately after graduation. I felt that the only thing that could carry me through this high stress time was lots of junk food. After looking back pictures from the last 3 years, I instantly became sad and depressed. I let myself go…again. I could barely fit the scrubs I just bought in May. September 1, 2019 was the first day of my new way of life. I told myself, if I could graduate with honors and become a RN after suffering a brain injury, I couldn’t excuse the weight. The simplicity of the Keto Diet and working with Vernell worked before, and I would do it again. From September 1- December 31, I lost 55lbs. It was not easy. I had several days that I messed up, (never back to back days). Once the weight started to fall of my family, friends and coworkers encouraged me to keep going. At my last checkup, my A1c was 5.5. I am no longer prediabetic and I was taken off Metformin.

Now I will work with @localkitchen to provide fresh quality meals to the community at an excellent price. We both understand how important diet and proper nutrition is to weight loss. We are collaborating to educate, and support people just like us.

If you are looking to change your path and start making healthy choices, please reach out to myself or the @localkitchen to get you started. I’m so excited to be a part of this collaboration and hope that I can help people just like others did for me.

You can use promo code INVESTINYOU to receive 10% off of your order. www.thelocalkitchen.net

The LoCal Kitchen delivers healthy weekly meals to your doorstep. Our goal is to provide each customer a superior meal experience while saving you time. Let’s face it, we all have busy lives and many times we come home to “What’s for dinner?”

Address: 29673 Northwestern Highway Southfield, MI 48034

Telephone: (248)-464-9040

Email: Support@thelocalkitchen.net




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